Transportation and Industrial Sector

Whether it is for the industrial, construction, or transportation sector, the BOD Group has whatever product you are looking for.


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Our 24/7 service guarantees your service calls are answered at any time and from any region, making us your number 1 partner.


Easy-to-Use Products

Our products are easy to use thanks to our numerical and colour-coded identification system.

Wide Selection of Quality Products

Whether for soaps or hand sanitizers, degreasers, descaling agents, surface sanitizers, or any other cleaner, the BOD Group has developed a multitude of products over the years.

Our qualified team will help you create the right cleaning procedure according to your needs.
We have formulated a comprehensive series of products for vehicle maintenance such as foam soaps, non-foam soaps, and liquid waxes. These products can be used for manual washing, automatic car washing (with or without contact), or self-service.

We also have products for cleaning trucks, trailers, and tanks.

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