Horticulture and Agriculture Industry

Horticulture, hydroculture, hydroponics, aquaculture and agriculture, the BOD Group knows all about it.


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Our 24/7 service guarantees your service calls are answered at any time and from any region, making us your number 1 partner.


Easy-to-Use Products

Our products are easy to use thanks to our numerical and colour-coded identification system.

Wide Selection of Quality Products

We have a product line specially designed for the hard workers in these industries!

We offer the full range of BIOXY products which meet and exceed environmental standards, are safe to use and ideal for organic production. They effectively combat biofilm and prevent bacterial adhesion and mould from developing on surfaces. Cleaning leaves no residues, meaning no possible contamination of your production.

For greenhouses, we offer odourless degreasers which are excellent for removing cannabis resin from equipment and instruments.

We also have outstanding products for cleaning and removing mineral residues from tubing and drip systems.

For your farms, our products will meet your needs for cleaning and sanitizing buildings, animal transport trucks, and all kinds of agricultural machinery.

Our superior efficiency soaps and degreasers are safe for users.

We also offer a wide choice of equipment to improve your efficiency, allowing you to spend more time in the field or with your animals.

Total Hygiene Program

Ensure food safety with our Total Hygiene Program:

  • OCSP manual (Operational Cleaning and Sanitizing Procedures program). This program will be customized and adapted to your situation while respecting the MAPAQ’s** 5 M* principle;
  • Wall posters for cleaning and sanitizing procedures;
  • Periodic visits by our qualified technicians to verify dosing and for preventive equipment maintenance;
  • Staff training on using products;
  • Digital quality assurance reports for monitoring results and maintenance work across your fields of activity..
* 5 M: Material, Working method, Labor, Equipment, Environment
** MAPAQ: Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec

Our Horticulture and Agriculture Products

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